Error Tracking and Exception Monitoring for Ruby on Rails

Exceptiontrap is the powerful & intelligent error tracker for Ruby on Rails

So you have that nice Rails application running? That's great! Now take the next step and start tracking errors with us. See the full feature list. Exceptiontrap is optimized for Rails — just install the gem, run the generator and you're safe. These are 60 seconds well spend.

# Gemfile
gem 'exceptiontrap'
$ bundle
$ rails g exceptiontrap --api-key=YOUR-KEY

Be the first who know about bugs or failing 3rd party services

We will let you know about any error of your application in production (or staging) in real-time. You don't have to search for them, you'll get noticed. Exceptiontrap also gives you all the valuable information you need to fix everything as fast as possible: the controller and action, the stacktrace + all request and environment parameters.

Additionally, all errors in background job systems like Sidekiq and Delayed Job can be tracked, too.

You don't want these exceptions to happen without knowing about it

  • NoMethodError - undefined method 'fetch_data' for #<NotificationWorker:0x007f9d958867d0>
  • Dalli::RingError - No server available
  • ActionView::Template::Error - undefined method 'city_name' for nil:NilClass
  • Net::SMTPAuthenticationError - 454 Temporary authentication failure
  • ...

Anything else?

Exceptiontrap will help you to

  • Know about errors — in real time
  • Get you all the relevant information
  • Fix these errors and bugs as soon as possible
  • See if the error happened again and how often
  • Communicate about errors with your team
  • and so on

Feel better, because you will be informed about errors from now on

You don't need to search in your logs anymore or temporarily enable error output. You will know about your errors and you know when there are no errors.