cloudControl add-on now in beta

by Torsten Bühl

Exceptiontrap is now also available as an add-on on the German PaaS cloudControl. If you're already on cloudControl, just visit the add-on page and install Exceptiontrap to your app with one click. The add-on will be moved to GA in a bit.

cloudControl Logo

In a Ruby environment, the api-key is automatically set as an environment variable. You just need to install the Exceptiontrap Gem and generate the config file with cloudcontrol as the api-key string. If you run a PHP app, using the api-key as environment variable is also possible. Check out the documentation on the add-on page for further information.

Since cloudControl uses Heroku's "kensa API", the integration was done in no time. I can write a more detailed post about the implementation if that helps somebody.

PS: Thanks to Henning for being so helpful during the whole integration process.

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