Heroku add-on now in beta

by Torsten Bühl

I'm glad to announce that Exceptiontrap can now be added to your Heroku applications as an add-on with one click. If you are on Heroku, check out the add-on page. I'll switch the add-on to GA (General Availability) within the next few weeks.

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Because of the way Heroku handles applications and accounts, there was a bit of work involved to make it happen. In an ideal world you would know which user just booked the add-on. But Heroku only sends the ID of the application in their provisioning request and you have to fetch the data of the application owner asynchronously. So there is always a new account created – even if the user already has an Exceptiontrap account. To make it still a good experience for users with multiple Heroku apps, I decided to switch from an "a user has one account" to an "a user can have multiple accounts" model. And to make it easy to switch between your accounts in the dashboard. Just hover over your account name there and you can see all your accounts and switch to them with one click.

But you certainly don't have to use the add-on if you're on Heroku. You can also just add new apps to your existing account and enter the api-key in your config. Then advantage is that you have one account with multiple apps – instead of multiple accounts with one app each.

Despite the fact above, I have to say that Herokus API and the kensa tool are great. The integration was a smooth ride and the documentation is awesome, too.

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