About Exceptiontrap

Hey! I am Torsten Bühl, the founder and developer of Exceptiontrap.

Exceptiontrap is an error tracking service with plug-ins for Ruby on Rails and PHP. Because of the open API, it can also be used with your language of choice.

I had the idea to create Exceptiontrap in 2009, when I was unsatisfied with the services available. Well, as a developer you have the ability to build something better on your own, so that's what I did. The development as a side project took until 2013. Today, there are a couple hundred users on the service – please try it yourself and send me your feedback.

My goals were and are pretty simple: To build an easy to use software with a nice interface, which runs smoothly and is useful for the customers. Something you enjoy to use. I don't want to join an arms race about who has the most features. Instead I want to have the implemented ones as good and useful as possible. Anyway, if you miss something just write me. Another important factor is speed. I like it when pages are loading blazingly fast. Or better: I hate it if they don't. So speed, efficiency and usability.

It's clear why every application developer needs an error tracking service: It's just impossible to know if the app runs without problems otherwise. Your automated tests (you have them, right?) could be extraordinary good and the staging environment a mirror of your production environment. But if the database gets a deadlock or a 3rd party service fails infrequently, you should know that – right in the moment when it happens. You can find more information about this here.

So if you're not already a customer I would be glad to welcome you to the awesome customer base.

Cheers, Torsten